God’s Love For the Poor

I’ve been (slowly) reading through Subversive Jesus by Craig Greenfield and wanted to share parts of it that really impacted me.

Greenfield writes:

“Growing up, I was taught that no one needs to be singled out because God loves everyone, rich and poor. This is true of God; and in the same  way, I love my children equally. I would lay down my life for either of them.

But some of God’s children suffer greater pain, poverty, and oppression than others on this earth.

Through no fault of their own, by the simple fate of birth, some were born into broken families, dysfunctional communities, or war-torn nations. They struggle with abuse, addiction, mental illness, lack of opportunity, or awful living conditions. And sadly, our society typically expresses the least concern for these children of God.”

He previously explained that when his daughter broke her arm, he had to show greater concern and attention to her than his other kids. He loved all his children the same, but showed greater attention for her, because she was hurting and in pain. She needed him. This is the same way God cares for His children in poverty or less than ideal situations.

“So God’s preferential option for the poor provides the formula for a response when we become aware of poverty and suffering in the world. We know that God is particularly concerned for the poorest of the poor, those who receive the least care, love, and protection in our world. As his followers, we are called to reflect his priorities and to respond as if one of our own brothers or sisters were in pain- and we are called to teach those priorities to our children through word and action.”



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