That is Not A Tomato

It was my boss’ birthday and one of my co-workers cooked him some food. With all the pies, cakes, and strudel strewn about the table, I tried to pick through to see what was the healthiest thing I could get (but don’t worry, I went back for cake later).
I ate some rice, then some chicken….a little spicier than I like, but it was still quite tasty.
I saw something on the plate that I thought was a tomato. I bit in….and within moments I realized…that is NOT a tomato.
It was the single spiciest thing I have ever tasted in my life. I ran to the break area trying to control myself. My eyes begin to well up with tears. Gulping down water didn’t seem to calm down the inferno in my mouth. I tried to hide in the corner, so no one could see what was happening. I was embarrassed….like I don’t know the difference between a hot pepper and a tomato.
My mind went back to high school where we had a pepper eating contest. Well, obviously not me, but I watched. I remember the teacher bringing bread and milk after students tried the hot pepper to calm down the spiciness. I ran to take a big bite of the PB & J sandwich I brought for lunch to see if that would help. No go.
I ran to the shared fridge in the break room. Milk! Checked the date….expires tomorrow…..we’re golden! (Sorry, whoever’s milk that was. I owe you one).
I swished some milk around my mouth, took some deep breaths, and after a few minutes the fiery furnace begin to calm down.
Life is sometimes unexpected. Sometimes you get a scorching hot pepper, when you are expecting a tomato.
Don’t hide in the corner. Open yourself up to those who will help you get through this difficult thing.
Keep eating. Don’t fear the peppers.
(Unless spice is your thing….then enter whatever analogy your prefer)

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